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Published February 2013
The three most overlooked mistakes—and how to avoid themread more »
Published February 2013
How to dance on the spot at auditionsread more »
Published October 2012
The undergraduate audition process is more involved than you might more »
Published February 2012
At Dancing Through College and Beyond, a college fair designed just for dancers, representatives from dance departments met with aspiring students about college selection, applications and financing their education. Advice offered included these tips on giving a successful college audition: 1 Wantread more »
Published February 2012
How to approach the improvisation section of auditionsread more »
Published February 2011
What does it take to land a job with the iconic modern dance group? Use these same tips for a modern-based college audition!read more »
Published February 2011
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Published April 2010
Q: How can I help and advise my students as they prepare for college dance auditions? ––via Twitter A: Students are often out of their comfort zone in college auditions, especially those who are ballet- and jazz-trained. To them, contemporary or modern dance can look like a foreign language. Helpread more »
Posted 2/3/10
Improvisation is dancing without previously learning any choreography. You make it up as you go. Therefore, the last thing a school wants you to do is prepare something in advance. But don’t worry, they’re not just going to put on a song and ask you to dance around (although doing this on your ownread more »
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Published February 2010
Inside the audition with casting director Nikole Vallinsread more »