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Audition Horror Stories

Published February 12, 2009.

Our readers share stories about those dreadful auditions they will never forget.

I will never forget my audition for the University at Buffalo. It threw me when the ballet section was given in Vaganova technique, because I’d only studied the French style. Then we did jazz and it was more classic style than I was used to. I was working really hard and I literally turned and hit another girl! It was just like in Center Stage. Neither of us was hurt, but it was so embarrassing!
—Jessica Wright
Canandaigua, NY

I was auditioning with my jazz class and I did an acrobatic split. I’d come late and hadn’t had time to stretch much. I landed in a split and Ouch! I tore my hamstring. Using my hands, I crawled off the stage—while my class kept dancing!
—Samantha R.S.
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I was auditioning for a place in the Kennedy Center’s Ballet Class Series. If accepted you get to take class with members of ballet companies from around the world. I felt well prepared and was fairly confident. My enthusiasm faded the moment I opened the door to the studio. The other dancers looked so professional and had such serious expressions as they warmed up. The barre exercises were harder than I was used to. I didn’t remember to look pleasant and smile. In the center, the lady giving the combinations enunciated everything very clearly, but I couldn’t remember a thing she said. I would stand there wracking my brain to even remember how the combination began. There I was, a 15-year-old obsessed with ballet, and I felt that I was being laughed at by everyone else in the room. Though I was humiliated by that audition, I pulled through, I’ve continued my studies, and I still have dreams of becoming a professional ballet dancer.
—Greta Bauerle
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Originally published in Dance Magazine, Feb 2009