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Ask the Stars: Lawrence Rhodes

Lawrence Rhodes, director of the Dance Division at The Juilliard School, answers your questions.

Published October 1, 2006.

I aspire to attend Juilliard one day, and I know that admission is extremely competitive. What do you look for in a dancer?

At our annual auditions, the faculty of Juilliard Dance Division is looking for dancers who possess an articulate, well-coordinated body that demonstrates physical stamina and a level of technical strength to meet the rigorous demands of our dance program. We are also looking for dancers who display musicality, a sense of weight in movement and for dancers who, above all, love to move. Focus and concentration are also important assets.

When you are auditioning dancers or just working with them, what makes one of them stand out above all others?

When working with a dancer, I am looking for a physical and intellectual comprehension of the instructions being given. I want to see that the dancer is aware of dance as a process and that the dancer is willing to enter into that process even if it means changing some previously held concepts. Simply put, dance is always about the work.

Originally published in Pointe Magazine, October/November 2006